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The very best bilingual summer camp in Mexico City with 24 years of experience!
This summer  we will celebrate our 25 th Anniversary and  again we will embark in an exciting "trip around the world" and end in Paris to celebrate the
Olympic Summer Games and our 25 Anniversary Celebration!

Print your passport and boarding pass and bring them to your weekly trip to proceed to check in and get ready for an AMAZING SUMMER!

Take a peek to our past summer experiences, in our instagram stories: Amazing Summer Camp
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A summer camp designed to inspire hands-on learning through play, fun and energetic activities, inspiring children to be curious, to invent, to imagine.




                                                         Why fly with Amazing Summer Camp Airlines?

 We want your summer camp 2024  to be again memorable, so we will embark ounce more on an amazing trip around the world, that will allow us to learn about other countries, their culture, architecture, food, music and traditions. 

Find your ideal destination

Inspired by  four great Disney Movies, Amazing Summer Camp Airlines will take you this summer 2024 to four countries: USA,India, Tahiti and France to celebrate the Olympic Summer Games and our 25 Th Celebration. 

                         Book easily on our website by pressing the BOOK NOW botton!


15-19 July

Captura de pantalla 2024-03-27 a la(s) 15.34.20.png

22-26 July

26-2 August

5-9 August

Very important

After booking make sure you contact us via WHATSAPP Business so we can send you the steps you need to take in order to register, pay, fill out all the require paper work and  get the links for your passport and boarding passes per flight! Make sure your bring them every week so you can go through customs and get your passport stamped and board your flight hassle free!


Why book Amazing Summer Camp?

100% Fun+ Creative Camp                                                           

We sparkle children's minds by encouraging them to be curious, creative and let their imagination fly​!


English Immersion Camp

A bilingual summer camp where children have the opportunity to listen and speak English in a natural and fun way. If your child does not speak it fluently, do not worry we always repeat in Spanish if children do not understand.

Friday Show

Every friday we have an opportunity to show parents what we learned and did during the week, plus we put up a show where all groups participate. Departure is after the show.

Meet some of our amazing crew members

Miss Martha
Miss Sofi
Miss Andrea

Assistant Director Miss Ari

Miss Marcela
Miss Fatima
Miss Jezz

Be inspired

Top past experiences

We have been embarking in amazing summer camp experiences for the past 24 years. 

This summer will be our 25 th summer journey, take a peak at past experiences to get inspired!

Nimo´s  Ocean                                                                                                           

Mulan´s China

 Our days are  full of fun activities

Dinosaur Era


Learn about  the different passenger groups

Name Tag Final-01 (1).png
¿Puede mi hijo un poco menor
a 4 años participar en el curso de verano?
Mommy + Me Summer classes (1).png
Clase de música para menores de 4 años a lo largo del curso 

 You need to know this

                                              Discount per # Weeks                                   

Early Checking Deals

Discount Loyalty Program

Discount per # Children

Depending on the number of weeks you get a discount.(5%, 7.5%, 10%)

If you are a Pedregal Academy  family or have been part of Amazing Summer in past years or Amazing Friday this year, you are part of our Loyalty Program!

If you  book a trip for more than one passenger you get a discount.

If you pay before June 10th  you get the Summer  Reading List and special surprise on your first day of camp 

 Price  Amazing Summer 2024

YUUM AMAZING SUMMER [Recovered]_Costo-01.jpg
YUUM AMAZING SUMMER [Recovered]_Costo-02.jpg

Los descuentos aplican sólo si se paga el número de semanas en su totalidad

Anything else you need to book?

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Summer Reading Challenge

We have carefully chosen a series of books related to the country we are visiting (taking into account the different levels) with links to Youtube if you want to read them online or purchase them from Amazon. We want to encourage lots reading at home this summer. 

Cost $150/ family for the summer.

Chidlren who bring their reading log filled out, get a price.

Extended Hour  1:00- 2:00 PM

Children who stay for the extented hour, will have a quiet time reading a book, playing Bingo, coloring, doing extra  fun worksheets related to the country of the week and can also play sports on our fabulous courtyard

Cost $550/ week/ child

We are ready to send you,  your boarding passes, passport and "lunch bag "tags  as soon as  you book your trip. If you prefer we will have them available already printed for you.

Traveling on Plane

Join our Club

Are you new around here?

Join our club and get discounts in our Amazing Fridays and special Family Events during the school year 2023-2024

Sign up
Flight Board

Prepare for your




Print your Passport and Boarding Passes and lugage tag by group color and everything you need to build your summer Suit Case and get ready to start your World Summer Tour!

What other passengers have said

Fer + Pati Virtual 2021

Arantza 2022                                            

Janet  Camp  Virtual 2020

Leafy Green Personal Planner Class Schedule (1).png

Take a peek
at our very busy schedule

Location of our Airport, where we will embark in our AMAZING SUMMER TRIP 2024


Departure Time 9:00 AM - Pick Up Time: 13:00 PM, Extended hour 13:00-14:00 PM ( Extra cost)
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