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Image by Nicolas Lobos

​Día de Muertos/Halloween

​Día de Muertos/ Bingo 

Let ´s have a fun afternoon playing Bingo, practicing your  vocabulary in English and Spanish


Make your own Pan de Muerto

Pan de Muertos is a traditional bread that is prepared in order to  put on "altars"  in order to honor our dead ones that have left during the "Día de Muertos" festivity in Mexico 

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Participate in a concert

A very special afternoon were the "Cuarteto de Cuerdas Fundamental" will join us to introduce the family of the Strings while we sing and dance to Halloween and Día de Muertos Songs


Music+English Class

Join us in a fun music class where we will dance, sing to  Halloween and Día de Muertos songs 


Enjoy a special book

We will read a book about  the beautiful celebration of the "Día de Muertos" and the set our altars at home


Sneak Peek 
Día de Muertos +Halloween 2021

Join us for a fun week of activities every day finishing with a virtual concert!

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